Best Unconventional Jobs On The Internet

Gone are the days when one was required to report to an office and work from 9am-5pm to be able to earn an income. With the advancement of technology, the job market has changed in a big way. People don’t require special skills that come with an expensive education to earn a good living. A computer and a good internet connection is all that is required for one to experience financial freedom and building careers on their own terms.

• Blogging

Who would have thought that blogging would be this big? Bloggers get their money through advertising and affiliate marketing which requires a little patience and hard work at the beginning. After attaining visibility and recognition in their niche, a blog has the potential to make one a decent living without much hassle.

• Clicking Ads

This is a rather unconventional way to make money as it only involves simple mouse clicks on ads to earn some coins. Apart from the lack of skills for this job, one also gets to set their working hours. Working for a few hours a day is enough to make one some hassle-free cash. Join a legit site that offers such services and you are on your way to financial freedom.

• Website designing

The demand for professional well-functioning websites isn’t waning; in fact, it’s been rising as millions of people spend quality time online. What better way to capture the attention of these masses than using a website? The rise of e-commerce is another reason why website designers are in demand as it is the fastest and cheapest way to reach people around the world.

• Online part time jobs

With online job sites like Freelancer, Odesk, Elance and many more offering freelancers a huge job market, there is no stopping. From data entry, virtual assistants, writers, designers and programmers, every job skill (or lack of it) is represented. Such sites are a good starting place for people looking to start on their unconventional career path with zero investment required.

• Graphic designing

Graphic designers get their bulk of work from people and companies that are looking to brand themselves. They do this through branded merchandise for advertising and marketing like logos, banners, brochures, t-shirts, caps and so many more. Artists and politicians also provide the best environment for graphic designing to thrive. Armed with serious designing skills, a computer and internet connection, one can design from anywhere for people who are all over the world.

• Social Media consultant

Social media has grown to become a force to reckon with which is why businesses have been tripping over themselves to tap into it. This is done through marketing and advertisement which is where a social media consultant comes in. Consulting with such an expert gives business information on the topic that helps them stay on top of the current trends for best practices. They will also point you in the right direction when it comes to developing the best marketing campaigns on popular social media sites.


Money transfer services have made it easy for such unconventional jobs to progress as contractors aren’t limited by geographical locations. The same reason makes contractors grow their businesses without relying on the local market which can be competitive making for a good career path.

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Best Freelancing – Jobs Online Vs. Offline

Over the years, the rise of the cost of living has affected most economies big or small which has led to big changes in the job market. Some of these changes are bad but mostly it has all been for the good.
People have been looking to substitute their income by looking for side jobs like freelancing during their free time. Others have quit their jobs to become independent contractors as they find it more lucrative than working for big corporations.
Women especially have been quitting their jobs to become stay-at-home moms to take care of their children. To fill their free time, such moms have turned to freelancing jobs and businesses to earn some extra coins and avoid boredom.
Students too take up jobs like waitressing and freelancing to make some pocket money or pay for their fees. Regardless of the reason, getting the right job to suit one’s need is important to achieve one’s goals.

Online jobs Vs. Offline jobs

Online jobs have been on the rise mainly due to the flexibility and low overhead costs that are attached to them. One does not need to spend hours stuck in traffic to get to work which saves on time and money thus saving on commute expenses. With an Internet connection and computer, one can work online in their pyjamas if they wish.
Unlike working offline, online jobs might sometimes require one to be monitored especially if being paid per hour. This is done through cutting edge systems that manage the time through mouse clicks and screenshots. Such jobs include virtual assistants, transcribing, filling forms, taking surveys online etc.
Offline contractual jobs on the other hand are perfect for people who are unable to self discipline themselves for working from home. These jobs like data entry, programming, graphic designing, article writing and many others let you set your working hours. An employer simply gives the contractor the job after agreeing on a certain payment that is usually fixed. This is then paid after the job is completed within the agreed time. One only needs to plan your time well to get the job done without anyone breathing down your neck. Make sure that the agreed time is reasonable to avoid delays and tarnishing your image in the process.
To get started on an online or offline job, registering on popular job markets where employers post thousands of jobs on a daily basis is necessary. You get to choose the job you like depending on your skillset and availability, send out applications and wait for a response.


The two job categories have their disadvantages and advantages which should be analysed well for one to be able to identify the right fit for them. Hourly jobs can be lucrative, for instance depending on the level of your skills. Programmers can earn upwards of $30/hour while transcriptionists earn as low as $5/hour or as high as $30/hour, thus it’s crucial to endeavour to upgrade your skills.
When all is said done, it is upon a freelancer to pull their weight to ensure they get regular employment. Communicating with the employer regularly to get clarifications is necessary for the job to be done as required. Always assess the project well before committing to ensure you get a fair deal.

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Best Jobs in the Technology Sector

The technology sector has been growing in leaps and bounds and this is why a career in the industry is considered prestigious and lucrative. Armed with the necessary skills and education, one can rake in big bucks without trying too hard. So what kind of jobs can a person get in the IT sector?
Here are some examples of some of the technology jobs in the industry:-

Web developer

Websites are a must-have for any business worth its salt as they are a big part of branding and selling. Having a high end and functionally optimized company site is therefore a necessity and this has led to the rise and rise of web developers and web designers. These designers must be equipped with skills like WordPress, CSS, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, MySQL and jQuery. To top it all, they should have a keen eye for graphics and design while staying abreast with current trends in the industry.

Database Administrator

Every company needs a database system that is both effective and efficient to be able to handle the massive amount of data that needs managing. This should be well secured with sophisticated privileges and permissions, backed up on a regular basis and well organised to allow ease of access for users. For this, a database administrator is needed who should be armed with an analytical mind and a solid background in IT or computer science.

Games developer

This is not as serious as other tech jobs in the industry but it sure is fun and entertaining. This is not to mean that it is not as lucrative – the gaming industry is a multibillion dollar one thanks to billions of fans around the world. One has to have a vivid imagination, creativity and a keen eye for design to make it as a game developer. The available opportunities include animation, design, art, programming and audio to be able to design console games, mobile games and PC games. Check out our article for a more in-depth explanation of the job.

Network engineer

Computer networking is necessary for communication that involves computers and the internet to be possible. A network engineer is the professional who is responsible for the infrastructure in an organisation. They take care of the configuration and building of resilient firewalls, coming up with schedules for the upgrades and troubleshooting any arising issues on the network.

Software programmer

These are the tech specialists who write code for applications and software that are run on mobile devices, PCs and servers. They also take care of any upgrades to the existing codes to improve the programs or apps by adding in new features. Such people are usually equipped with programming language skills like Python and C++ plus a knack to solve problems.

Information security analyst

Computer networks need security, more so for sensitive areas like the banking industry and government departments. An information security analyst is a vital part of any IT operation due to the prevalent cyber-attacks that have been devastating the technology world. Having such an analyst in your corner ensures that unscrupulous hackers and virus attacks are kept at bay as they identify threats and vulnerabilities and eliminating them before they cause damage.

Computer system engineer

This profession requires someone who has an extensive knowledge of electronics, maths and science to be able to design a working computer system. This depends on one’s area of specialisation like the workplace, robotics, medical devices, automation in the home place and so many more as the industry has been steadily growing.

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5 Most Fun Jobs Today

Technological advancements have taken the world by storm, revolutionizing almost every aspect of our routine lives. The ‘seemingly impossible’ is a thing of the past and the present times scream of endless possibilities. The same goes for different ways to earn a living, and now more than ever, new and fun jobs are emerging that were not thought possible even half a decade ago. Therefore anyone unfamiliar with the idea of having fun at a job is in for a surprise as the following professions offer just that.

Professional Gaming

Gone are the days when work was dreaded, on the contrary it’s revered because it is all fun and games now, literally. Nowadays people are literally making a living out of playing games. The online gaming industry has generated tons of jobs for gaming enthusiasts. Forbes has reported that for a professional player live streaming and gaming can rake in a whopping $300,000 a year and gamers with huge YouTube channels, like Pewdiepie and ksiolajidebt make millions of dollars per year.

Music Therapy

Possibly one of the rarest things these days besides getting a letter in the post is finding a person who doesn’t love music. Unfortunately most of us aren’t lucky enough to sell out arenas and woo the audiences with our musical abilities. Yet, people who share a love for music can opt to become music therapists thereby putting their musical knowledge to good use while managing to earn a pay check in return. It also offers the opportunity to help people struggling with emotional or physical problems through music therapy. It is an emerging field with a wide assortment of jobs in varied locations from hospitals, schools and nursing homes to prisons.

Water Slide Tester


This job requires hard work.

If you are tired of the hum drum of a 9 to 5 job in an office and would want nothing more than a long vacation then know that you can have the time of your life as a water slide tester and get paid for it too. As a professional water slide tester you will have the luxury of availing an all-expense paid trip to the most exotic resorts the world over. Testers are expected to monitor features such as water levels, speed, safety and obviously the thrill and fun that one gains from such an experience.

Food Tasters

Food tasting involves savoring delectable cuisines. Food Tasters or more formally termed as sensory panelists are employed to taste food and beverages in a bid to analyze their quality, taste and the consistency in flavors. As a professional food taster you will be eating to earn a living as opposed to surviving. Your palate will be an asset to food and beverage companies who will rely on it for increasing sales. Imagine working with your favorite food brand- wouldn’t it be amazing!

Foreign Services

If travelling is ingrained in your genes and you live and breathe adventure then a career in the foreign services might be the most rewarding experience ever. It might sound a bit too far fetched considering the amount of effort involved in joining the foreign services but every job has its challenges. For successful candidates it entails once in a life time opportunity to visit different regions of the world, experience unique cultures, explore local delicacies and meet new people.

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Best Jobs in the Gaming Industry

Gamers are loyal people, give them high quality products to fiddle around with and they will spend good money on it. This is the exact reason that has been making this industry boom leading to the rise in demand for game developers. More tech-savvy people have been joining this industry in the hopes of sharing in its success, a decision that has been very beneficial for many. Below are some of the main minds that are heavily involved with the development of these games.

Game designers

These guys are the force behind the graphics, characters, plot and elements that go into making the game a success. All this is done by a team of designers who take direction and answer to a lead designer who hands out assignments, conducts meetings to discuss ideas and hands out the schedule.
Each designer has their area of speciality, a content designer works hard to come up with the right characters and plot for the game. The level designer is the person responsible for developing the best environment for all the levels in the game. These two designers get these skills through a bachelor’s degree in game design/development or computer science. Writers with a background in Journalism, English or communication take care of the conversation and storyline text between characters.


Programmers are responsible for writing the code and thus require an extensive knowledge in programming and other scripting languages. This line of code is what operates the game as it runs in the background. Programmers determine the actions players take and how the characters respond to such commands. By networking the games, programmers allow players to compete by teaming up online while also keeping cheating at bay. Their job is also to come up with the graphics and algorithms that determine whether the game will be 3D or 2D.
Any special effects in the game like explosions are as a result of a line of code that is written by a programmer. Others like the menus and display options are also their creation. They are categorised by their area of expertise with each type of expert being responsible for a certain coding aspect of the game. They however work together to ensure their coding seamlessly integrates to make the game flow.


This is a subsection of the job “programmers”. Exploiters are coders who are constantly looking for bugs and flaws in the game that they can make use of. It’s thanks to them that nowadays we have so many cheats available. Check out this site for example: the owner offers free cheats for a vast variety of mobile games, including Clash of Clans and Subway Surfers cheats.

Audio engineers

Like their name suggests, these are the professionals behind the different sounds e.g. cinematic sounds, technical sounds and creative sounds on a game. They also come up with the right sound effects by mixing and editing through sophisticated hardware and software to get the best sound.


This business oriented person deals with the administrative end of the game development process. They take care of the staff and other daily operations like planning and attending meetings with respective departments to monitor the progress. They also keep the budget in check while ensuring the set timeline and targets are met.


Anything art-related in the game development stage like paintings, drawings, landscapes, character sculptures and animations fall under the jurisdiction of artists. They also build the character’s skeletons when it comes to the creation of 3D images. Animators are responsible for controlling every movement the characters and other objects undertake.

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What You Must Know About Education and Entertainment in the Gaming Technology

The gaming technology has made the word of entertainment greatly educative and inspiring. You are going to get lots of vital information and also stand chances of improving in your knowledge at every point in time simply through gaming entertainment. Almost every area of human endeavors has been analyzed in the virtual form through gaming technology. Some proves to this is the development of play for purpose games which are designed for those that are looking for games that will impact their life in one way or the other.

Extent the Image on You Video Games to Your Wall

Are you looking for game that will offer you wonderful and entertaining gaming experience? Do you want to enjoy your video games as if it is in the real life? Or you are looking for the better way to enhance the image on your TV screen to larger and more appealing one? If these and more are what you are looking and planning for, you are not to worry any longer as the features incorporated in XBOX ILLUMIRROOM will simply have you covered. This wonderful game console is designed with features that will make it easy for you to project the image on your game to the wall of your living room offering you enhanced and wonderful gaming experience.

More around Your 3d Gaming Environment with Holodeck Gaming Technology

If you are looking to really enjoy your gaming like you are in the scene, the best way to do that is simply through Holodeck which is a newly developed and upcoming gaming technology. Unlike the VR playpen which will only allow your head to be seen the gaming environment, this wonderfully designed and upcoming gaming technology is coming with the features that will make your entire body to be seen 3D gaming environment offering more gaming pleasures and wonderful experience.

Stay Up To Date with the Latest Trend in the Gaming Technology

There are lots of things to gain when you follow up with the improvement in the gaming technology. You are going to stand chances of enjoying wonderful and amazing gaming experience like never before. More so, you will stand chances of learning at the same time enjoying mind-blowing entertainment with best gaming technology. Really, there are more to enjoy in the gaming world this day due to the improvement and progressive movement of technology in the gaming world. These and more are the reasons why you need to ensure that you stay up to date with the latest improved technology in the gaming world.

Take Your Gaming Experience to another Level with Best Gaming Technology

Honestly, there is no clear distinction between gaming entertainment and education. This is because the gap has been merged with the latest improved gaming technologies that are invoke this day. You are going to enjoy mind-blowing and exciting gaming experience when you embrace the advancement in the gaming technology. Go ahead and enjoy your gaming like never before with latest gaming technology.

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